Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Someone out there !!!

This is some thing which was written quite a while ago...The friend who made me write this is quite far away now.... but when she called me recently and mentioned about this poem which summarised her pain and said that it always brought back memories... I don't know why... .. just felt like reposting this one again...

Someone out there !!!

She tried to push him into her past
But everything about him haunts her still
She wished to God that she would forget him
But now she realized, she never will

Her heart seems to have frozen in time
Cobwebs of memories she still does keep
Drying tears do escape at times
Into her dreams, he always creeps

Ripples have become massive waves
And thundering skies all but clear
As she tries to hold that untouched love
Yearnings come, but he is nowhere

This pain appears to live inside her
Even while she tries to stop this nightmare
She wonders, if he still thinks of her
For her, did he ever really care?

He lives in her every tear that falls
Triggers her every poem & prose
She was always like an open book
Probably he chose to shut her close!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unsent Mails...!!!

Now......., how many of us have such unsent mails stored away??...safely tucked in some folder or the other... either long forgotten or with memories that haunt us all the time...... and how many of us wonder and think about with regret... "I should have sent it at that time".....:-) Sigh...!!!

I wonder why do we even write them.. ? be it official mails, personal mails, private mails, long pending mails, formality sake mails...we write them with utmost care... moving things here and there and making changes.... thanks to Microsoft , spell checks, Thesaurus and copy,paste commands... that we actually need not worry about the numerous crumpled sheets that used to get thrown into the dust bins in the ancient times...

We write them with anxiety, worry, anger, frustrations, hatred, hope, happiness, longing to get things sorted and all other mixed feelings at times... but then when it comes to hitting the send button..... our fingers seem to freeze..or the moment just passes by....:-(

When all we want is to express what we feel, why do we even hesitate and think so much about other person's reaction?

How stupid, right?...!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who knows???

He even refused to take my telephone calls...May be I reminded him of the life that he wanted to forget...I'll tell you one thing though...It hurt...

( A line from the book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari")

What can I say???

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It did !!!

Miracles do happen !!! :-) ( refer to the post below)

Btw.. heard this song in the morning today... its in Kannada..from the movie " Mungaru Male" ( the only kannada movie that I ever dared to see.... but I just loved it )

Ivanu geliyanalla... gelathi naanu modhale alla.... ( still trying to figure out what it actually means)

Let me know if you got it right....

Monday, January 7, 2008


I kept wondering about what I should start the year with? what should I write first on this blog to start 2008... but somehow, the beginning was behind me even before I could pull myself out of all the action that was happening around...now I guess I want to leave them behind... all the events that took my life, breathe and sleep away for a while...So...there you go... Year End work, Audits, Appraisals, Half Yearly Exams, Unanswered Questions, Endless Emotions...request all of you to rest in peace ( for a while) :-)

I want to close this with just one sentence...

Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday....

( U can say I am still waiting ...)