Monday, February 1, 2010

There is no love !

In one insane moment of love,
She seem to have let go of you
She doesn’t belong to you any more
And the truth rapped her that never did you

She dwells in the deep bowels of earth
Where love and life are not so near
She doesn’t try to reach out any more
But when you miss her, will you atleast shed a tear

Phases of life seems to have zoomed by
Even as she stood there and tried to stop
Memories seeped and sank into the sands
From which more loveless lives seem to crop

The stars sprinkle their light across the skies
Waiting for your measured steps like the tide
While the moon shines down on her grave from above
She tries to push back the waves to find her place to hide

She searched her world for love in the midst
Of the broken bits of life; in sleep
Faces faded away even from the dreams,
There is no love; no more love that’s deep!


How do we know said...

Today, my dear... i think we sleep under the same stars.. thank you for writing this...

u really r my soul sister..

Manish Raj said...

You've expressed this very well...

Anonymous said...

Does it hurt more when there is love or when there is no love?

leadlady said...

Every silence has a voice which is deep inside...I think it only can touch ur soul...ur soul can listen to it only....
Life is a sea wheather it is like rough sea ir calm and quiet sea...we r in boat without to flow with sea as it is...
Nice written yamii....understood lil bit of tht

sagar patel said...

Each n every word above is full of soul..very well expressed..touches heart instantly...!!!
Beautifully written..!!!