Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sounds of Silence !!!

Apart from wondering how silence can be anything else but was even strange to imagine all the sounds of silence... some one once told me that silence speaks louder...and I guess I did learn gradually, that sounds of silence speak volumes....and as I try to pen down my thoughts, it is only to understand these bits & pieces of silence that at times work like a wonderful system of hometheatre to consume you for the complete experience.

Silence is when you are ecstatic about something but have no one around to share ! ( sounds like a recent mobile ad )

Silence is when you sit with your gang, happy about a small win... but not sure about the rounds to go ! ( This is definitely not a sound of silence.... may be you can call it Noise )

Silence is when you are not sure what your next step in life should be but deep inside you know that you have to take the decision ! ( Ufff...I love taking decisions...)

Silence is when there is no sign ! ( Hmmm.... for how long...?)

Silence is when you feel like a liberated soul caught in-between confused people and complex feelings ! ( this is an old one .. but yeah.. still holds good)

Silence is when you want to let go of everything and live in peace ! ( Just a dream...)

Silence is when your mind refuses to register all the voices that come from inside ! ( Guess its gone deaf)

Silence is when what you speak becomes incomprehendable even for yourself ! ( Is there a word like that???)

Silence is sleeping and giving time for yourself ! ( I like this one.. but sleep doesn't come easy ) :(

Silence is lying wide awake and dreaming about all your wishes coming true ! ( This I do a lot ) :)

Silence is missing someone so much that the memory becomes a tear, sliding down the cheeks, residing in your heart, giving you company in your solitude ! ( Its a sort of translation of something that I heard in a Telugu movie song- Gulabi.. ! )

Silence is when emotions over whelm you so much that you sit and stare out of the window in the middle of the nights ! ( The world around is so much better at night... trust me !)

Silence is when sudden changes take over your life and you have nothing to say ! ( you may get to know soon )