Sunday, July 3, 2011

Can you let go ???

 A couple of years ago... I had posted this poem titled  "Letting Go ! ..."
A friend of mine recently helped me with a different version of that...So here we go with " Can you let go? " :)
Is there some strange feeling inside?
Will you be able to keep everything aside?
Do you want to reach out to the skies,
Or just go where the wilderness lies ?
If you walk into those far away cold mountains
would they be able to heat up your frozen heart?
Shedding the alien feelings and dependencies
that years have brought in, all the subtle changes
Can you let go of what goes on in your mind?
Setting you free of all things that bind…
As you stand alone looking back in time
Will you be able to let go of the memories?
As you try to look ahead at life…
Will you be able to let go of your aspirations?
Harmonizing various roles that you play
How can you let go of the emotions?
As the hopes wither and time flies by
Should you even let go of your dreams?
When all you are left with is you, you and you
How can you let go of what you are???