Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ladies ...Celebrate Yourselves !

They learnt to walk alone 
When paths split and people moved on
They learnt to lift themselves 
When everything around pushed them down 
They learnt to push themselves harder
Every time someone made fun of them
They learnt to scale the heights
When they realised they had it in them
They learnt to drive & fly
So that they can explore their world
They learnt to sing and succeed 
And without care danced in the rain
They learnt to hide their scars
When they saw how beautiful they are

They learnt to let go and leave
When they felt people were differently wired
They learnt to detach their emotions 
As they gradually steeled their hearts
They learnt to stop the tears
The day they realised it wasn't worth it
They learnt to love themselves
Only when their hearts were broken!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Women's Note!

Let me start 2017 on a Women's note:

We think a lot... and we think differently, because we are completely wired...

We connect with people at a completely different level....it may be intellectual, physical or emotional and we hold on to those bonds forever in our hearts. Any relationship for us comes with a commitment clause, whether it is being a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, friend, employee, peer, boss or subordinate. We value each responsibility so much that we pour ourselves into each of these molds to breath and live the role.

We stretch, we grab, we deliver, we hold on and we take pride in what we do. We usually wait for long, sometimes too long, before our body tells us to take it slow. We push ourselves even when we realize that gradually we are becoming weaker - physically, mentally, emotionally. Most often we can't say No. When it starts bothering us , we slowly open the door that leads to frustrations. No, it's not due to any expectation, but it is purely based on our own emotional needs. 

We wait for a word of understanding and support from the spouse, even when we pretend to have 10 hands to do multi-tasking of managing home, maids, driving, bills, banks, home loans, hospitals, PTMs, sports meets, deadlines at office, presentations to be completed, insecurities at work, office politics, expectations from everyone around etc etc...

We do die a hundred deaths when we have to let go of our children, or we hurt them, especially when we have to balance work and home and all the thousand other things in between.

We long to have girlfriends who understand exactly what our  hormones are doing to us so that we can share and cry on their shoulders.

We hope to have meaningful conversations with people who can relate to us or rather, whom we can relate to,  yet, we cringe when all we get in return is silence. At least some of us are really very old fashioned that we cannot understand that people have their list of priorities and we may not be on that, unless it is an emergency.

Unless someone reaches out and knocks off the mask, we don't like to show our vulnerabilities, but then very few people do get us that way. And when they do get us, we hold on to them for life. For us, usually there is no disconnection and even when we are deeply hurt, we do not talk about relationships in the past tense. Yet, we are strong, because we use nights to heal and tears to energize. We usually hug ourselves and try to move on with a smile even when things continue to hurt our soul deep inside......

Can we help it? No... guess we are made that way...