Friday, February 29, 2008

Eternal Search ...!

Pasted across all over her memories
He comes to her in broad daylight
Even while she remains wide awake
He lives in her dreams at night

Thousands of lives that she lives with him
In heaven, with all its charms
Through ups and downs, joy & sorrow
He becomes her smile as she cuddles in his arms

Through the vacuum filled loneliness
He is her collage of memories, a modern art
When she misses him more than she can express
He becomes a tear, sliding down to her heart

As her heart goes through the eternal search
Is he very far or just very near?
She wonders what’s holding him back
Can’t he at least make that clear?

She just wonders, how many years more
As she waits for that one last meet
It’s not so easy, as it may appear
But to be with him, her prayers, she repeats

Through unsent mails and unspoken words
As the urge raises to end the game
There’s just this one hope, someday soon,
On her phone screen, would blink, his name…

Thursday, February 14, 2008


What's Love , Darling? If its not self sacrifice....
Just another line I read from a book titled "Atlas Shrugged" by Ian Rand...

Doesn't love come in different forms.. and at different times.... yet.. isn't it very surprising that we actually have only one particular day to celebrate Love... Anyway...I carefully choose this time to post this message... just past mid night one more Valentine's Day quietly passes by...

Love it something that we already have... or is it something that we always want ? or is it something that we cannot accept? or is it something that cannot be expressed? or is it something that cannot be held? or is it something that makes us feel miserable..... when you miss someone more than you can express???

Here's another forward message: When you love someone, say it right then..right there...or the moment just passes by...!!!