Monday, August 19, 2013

Again and again...!

The urge to look into your eyes and 
                to peek into your thoughts...
The urge to hold your hand and 
               to sit through the silences...
The urge to hug you tight and
              to cry my heart out...
The urge to turn back and 
            walk away, when I feel rejected...
  Every time I see you..... again and again.......!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tadap Tadap...

As you come across friends who open up and pour out their pain, and when you try to capture the feelings,  sometimes you just have to go with the flow. ... take care girl... !

It was a little wish to smile
But, now the lips don’t curve any more
It was a small effort to fly
But, wings got broken even before taking to skies
It was a tiny hope to hold it in the palm
But it seems to have slipped through the fingers into the sand
It was an effort to gather all the beautiful memories
But, all they left behind are painful reminders
It was a short time to share and talk
But now, the inner tongue has been sliced and muted
It was a slender effort to love
But, the heart came crashing down with the disqualifications
It was a tiny little prayer to live again
But then, life seems to have gone out of this life...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Be done with it !

Letting go of every tiny little memory,
Sometimes sweet, sometimes not,
Letting go of every stupid feeling
That got etched into the heart
Letting go of every bit of pain
Hoping that the rains will wash it away
Letting go of all the nights filled with tears
Overflowing from eyes that cannot hold them at bay
Letting go of all the sudden smiles
That spilled over and sparkled like stars
Letting go of inward quest for happiness
While losing the battles and internal wars
Letting go of every weird dream
That gave hopes to things that were left untold
Letting go of the heart that’s on fire
As the binding chains recur adamantly to hold
Letting go of the eyes that seek you out
As from this life, you slowly drifted afar
Letting go of the never ending love for you
Guess the sands of time will heal the scar!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Distant Flute Song...

It must have been just a passing cloud
Which chose to sprinkle some rain on her
She was drenched where she stood
Now her tears soak the earth around her feet

It must have been a distant flute song
The melodies of which made her dance
The trance of the tunes still haunt her
But the sounds have become mute in her heart

It must have been the life in dreams
Where only smiles and stars shine their way
The warmth of the hopes had made her glow
But now  even sleep doesnt easily cross her eyes

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dissolving Fire...

All it takes is a little drop of emotion
           Waves of tears  flow down my eyes
The love inside is now an unsettling fire
          While it burns me out in this fading light
In the depths of the my heart's core
          More regrets seem to float up fiercely
Surrounded by people, sucked into the chaos
          Yet deep inside silence of death prevails
As you draw out the life from my soul
         I am left holding on to lifeless numb feelings
Erase all the moments of togetherness
          Take away my memories and love
But, as I seem to dissolve inside out
          Will you look back once and prove me wrong?


Thursday, February 7, 2013


The fog on the mirror masks up the thoughts
As the droplets stream down slowly
Is the mirror shedding tears along with me..I wouldn't know...
But I wish I could see it smile more often ...

The blazing moon reaches out across the skies
so close yet so very far away
Is the moon shining some light in the darkness..I wouldn't know...
But I wish I could hold it close in my palm more often...

The untiring waves break the shore
as the tides of times gobble up the sands
Is the sea sending me a message of silence...I wouldn't know...
But I wish I could walk on the seaside more often...


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Verna Begins...

The journey began again....on 11th Jan 2013. this time with the Hyundai New Fludic Verna.. :)

For all the years to come and the joyful rides and journeys across the places...