Monday, June 30, 2014

Love that cannot be killed !

It cannot be stopped
It cannot be hidden
It let's the memories haunt you forever
It fails you every time you reach out
It forgives even when taken for granted
It cannot be held back
It keeps you hoping for miracles
It will not allow you to express
It tortures when you suppress
It makes you blind to all the faults
It makes you weep in the night
It lives in all your hopes
It makes you smile even when crying
It makes you feel stupid
It lets you be humiliated
It puts you down as vulnerable
It has you bound by the chains
It lets you fly high in the skies
It makes you long for just a glance
It takes you places just for a moment of togetherness
It tickles your very senses to the bone
It sizzles in the silence of your thoughts
It doesn't let you sleep
It flows out in your sleepless dreams
Love that cannot be killed
Even when you try and want to .......