Monday, December 7, 2015

Be Strong, Girl !

Somewhere deep inside, 
her voice is screaming to be heard
She tries to smile away
even while the eyes, at times turn red
Multiple things move through her mind
creating a web of thoughts
Caught somewhere in between, 
is her heart, even as she unfolds the knots
The joyous moments, the teasing fun
the sharing of glances, she takes in her stride
But as she tries to unmask everyone around
all she wants to do is to hide
While she bravely fights the world
vulnerabilities show in her eyes
She knew she was becoming another person
just seeing through all the lies
Let me take her hand in mine 
and let her pass this phase of life
Let me let her know that
she is not alone in her inner strife
Let me wipe away her tears
and help my friend to mend her broken heart
Let me hug her tight tonight
as finding love was probably not her art
Let her hurt be withered away
and let me tell her it was never hers
Let her bury those memories too
as they hurt every time the fire stirs
Let her silence be a shield
embracing her slacking mind
Let those smiles come back to her
and some peace, let her find
Let me slowly whisper to her
that while her heart is left ashen in the burning hearth
Let her be strong
to fight only those unknown battles which are worth!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Radha Waits !!!

Inspired by the song "Yamunai aatrile eera kaatrile..." from the Tamil Movie "Thalapathi"... wanted to pen down a few words to capture the pain ..... as Radha Waits..

As the stars twinkle in the skies
As the river flows over the rocks
As her hair, with the breeze, flies
Radha dances away into the night

As the air carries your flute song
As her eyes search with hope
As you make her wait for long
Radha dances away into the night

As her cheeks fill with her tears
As the beads of sweat glitter on her waist
As she struggles to silence her fears
Radha dances away into the night

As the evening fades away the light
As, from all the chains, she tries to break free
As all her doubts, she tries to fight
Radha dances away into the night

As she looks back at memories of yesterday
As she calls out to you to end your play
As she hopes to get over this someday
Radha dances away into the night....


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Random words !

The nights we spent talking late
The smiles you brought on to my lips 
The dreams you got me to see
The hugs you sent in the air
The tears that flowed down my eyes 
The years that flew only with your thoughts 
The hopes that you left behind in my heart 
The memories that bring you back into my life
The love that won't let you go....