Saturday, June 14, 2008

Completely Wired !!!

Why do I feel lost at times? and I wonder whats consuming my thoughts? In fact as I was mentioning to a friend yesterday, at times, I do feel empty inside. It's as if I am trying to gain access or reach out somewhere and grab all that I want.. something that's being ever elusive...may be I got it all wrong....Of course, I am capable of being stupid at times...

Anyways...right now, the numerous thoughts that run through my mind are like different wires flowing out of my life...may be I am just entangled somewhere amidst them...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Some links that interested me

Aamir Khan:
I ve known him since the time I was in shcool ( I never said he knows me ) :-) ... and I remember all the gals in my class going weak in the knees for the chocolate hero of the QSQT days... It was good to come across his blog recently...Man.. this guy knows to write..or even if some of us keep thinking that he s not doing it himself.. may be this guy knows how to get it written :-) quite insightful I should say...

MS Dhoni:
I heard someone call him Airconditioned Captain...should I say I second it ... third it.. fourth it etc etc... He is one cool guy...There s something about him that makes u think...not think abt him alone... but think abt ourselves too... like " what I'd have done if I am in his place" or " what he would have done if he 's in my place"...
The other day, I was telling my husband while we watched a presentation ceremony at the end of a match..." Imagine the grit, determination, focus, direction, command, grooming, looks, language , communication skills, maturity and cool headedness to reach the levels he has acheived from the bylanes of a small town like Ranchi"....May be again my thoughts are another friend pointed out to me... " No body is perfect untill u fall in love with them" ... but then, don't we do that all the time...with whats the big deal...
Way to go buddy... Yo Dhoni!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mother Earth!!!

You can feel her in the gentle breeze
As she caresses and passes by your face
She can woo you with her subtle touches
As the birds chirp from trees that stand in grace

You can feel her in the waves that rise
As each wave, with more power comes your way
Isn’t she telling you to keep going? As some day,
The clouding foam will surely wither away

You can feel her in the pouring rain
Or is it just that she is in tears?
As we scatter around to protect ourselves
May be she is protesting and living her own fears…

You can feel her in the Earth that quakes
At times, may be it’s her way to show her power
We may dig deeper to raise the sky high homes
But she is the one who provides us with land to hover

You can feel her in the greenery that we destroy
Oh! Obviously she would be in pain
But, aren’t we looking only at our development around?
Why care for now, when we stand to gain?

You can feel her in the increasing list of endangered species
As we spread our claws and occupy their space
May be she is just waiting for her turn
But when she fights back, we may not win this race…

You can feel her in the disappearing islands
You can feel her in the ice that’s melting down
You can feel her in the heat waves and drowning floods
She may soon disappear and we may not be around even to mourn…

written on the occassion of World Environment Day - 5th June 08. We had varios initiatives at work, one of which was - Dedicate an article on your personal blog.