Monday, December 31, 2012

Awesome car...Fantastic memories....missing it already...

It was with us for 7 long years...Hyundai Accent - KA05 MD 245.... and we finally let it go...But the awesome memories and the emotional bonds will be with us forever... :)

Here's a quick recap of some photos and list of all the places we visited with it.

Nov 2005 the day we bought it.... at Jayanagar 4th Block - Ganesha Temple... :)
May 2006 - On the way to Mysore.. with Ajju and Aishu and me.. :)
Ajju and Akshat on top - Chilling out in Ooty - May 2008
Ajju and Akshat - awfully tired and crashed - on the way to Mysore from Ooty - May 2008

Krishu & Ajju - Coorg Trip - Dec 2008

                                             Mahabaleshwar with friends - Oct 2009

                                         Dussehra Puja - Panchgani - Oct 2009

                                           Kanheri Caves - Dec 2009 with 3 idiots

       Family time with Mom, Aishu, Akshat, Ajju , Krishu and me at Murud Jhanjira Fort - Jan 2010

                       on the last day of giving it away - 29th Dec 2012....:(

The list of places we drove down seems long........Multiple Mysore- Bangalore trips, Almost alternate month Chennai - Bangalore trips, Mahabalipuram, Pondycheri, Ooty, Coorg, Chunchi falls, Devarayana durga, Yercaud, Salem, Erode, Horsely hills, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Daman, Bordi, Dahanu, Bhandaradhara, Alibaug, Murud, Kashid and driving all the way back from Mumbai to Bangalore....

Awesome car...Fantastic memories....missing it big time already...

Sunday, December 9, 2012


The certificate arrives...! Albeit a delay of few months which you don't typically associate with one of the best management institutes in the country. :)

Officially, here we go with the successful completion of Executive Programme in Global Business Management ! :)  Thanks  to  IIMC, Thanks to Krishu & Ajju for all the support, Thanks to the entire batch and specially my gang of Malad center... you guys are awesome.. !

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You Again !

Wait...You need to slow down at times
You are not easy to comprehend
There is no easy way out
You never knew if to go ahead or put an end

You have nothing in you
Except for a frayed up emotional gulf
Life has been drained and squeezed out
Stop hoping for magic when you dont exist yourself

More often when you cared
You were mocked for your ridiculous deeds
But you had no choice but to try
As you went about filling their needs

The smiles and tears are often flowing
You may reach out for the love you crave
Yet the feelings within are always masked
And yes ! You dont have it in you to deserve

Monday, November 12, 2012

Few more thoughts...

Dear Heart...this one's for you...

Way back in  October 2008 I had written a blog post on similar lines .... This one probably begins where the last one ended.... that every relationship comes with an expiry date...

Yet the greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in. The ones where you continue to be involved even when the significant other slowly starts to walk the other way. The ones where you tend to lose yourself in the process, yet you find yourself as an individual. The ones where it just makes you wonder how life tends to change people over the days/ months/ years.

The extreme emotions, the entangling feelings that suffocate you at times, the highs and lows , the excitement of belonging to someone but yet in the same breath the echoing silence of loneliness....The relationships that can bring you back to life in a minute, but kill you in the very next.

The relationships these days are so dynamic that the equations change dramatically that too pretty fast. People tend to be on so many different tangents that it becomes difficult for them to slow down or wait for you or care to be there for you. So for someone who is probably hanging on to something which is long gone, or was never there in the first place, it is not going to be an easy preposition to survive in such taxing scenarios.

The signs will keep coming, sometimes you smile, sometimes you cry but all the while, the dreams, hopes and wishes of someday will gradually start to die from deep within.

What ultimately makes sense is belief in you and you alone. You got to keep telling yourself that you are much stronger than this. You got to look ahead and keep moving even if it means all alone.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Have you ?

Have you ever wanted to talk,
but never really dared?
Or missed that opportunity
to let someone know how much you cared?

Have you pretended that it doesnt hurt,
smiled and said that its all ok?
And spent each day and night,
wishing it will all just go away?

Have you ever felt weak and drained,
during those moments when you are down?
But picked yourself up
and started again to walk alone?

Have you acted how you're "supposed to"
so no one knew you cried ?
And never let anyone know,
how you really felt inside?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Me and my silence...

Sometimes, we sit together
holding on to each other's thoughts tight
words neither get spoken nor heard
as we wrap the stars around and stare into the night...

Multitude of emotions
take us far and wide
bringing forth smiles and tears
as we slowly gaze at the feelings and hide...

While the sleep eludes
all I have is my silence to hold
and I sit along by its side
leaving the dreams untold...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Naye naye naina mere...

Not that my Hindi is great... not that the driving on Mumbai roads in the Monsoon is a pleasure... but Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM  has been keeping good company... :) invariably dishing out 2 of my fav songs of the recent times...something to bring a smile on to your face... :) Thank you RJ Suren & RJ Jeeturaaj...

Check them out.. for the benefit of myself and people like me, I ve tried sourcing the lyrics and the translations.. and yes thanks to Google :)

1) Naye naye naina mere from Ishaqzaade

Naye naye naina mere dhoondhe hain
Darbadar kyun tujhe
Naye naye manzar yeh takte hai
Iss kadar kyun mujhe
Zara zara phoolon pe jhadne laga dil mera
Zara zara kaanton se lagne laga dil mera

Why do my like-new eyes look for you everywhere..
why do these new sceneries look at me so much..
my heart started falling on flowers little by little..
my heart started to feel love for thorns a little..

Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan
Aatishein woh kahaan
Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan
Ranjishein hai dhuan haan

I'm disturbed, confused, where are those fireworks..
I'm disturbed, confused,The animosity is (gone in) smoke..

Gash kha ke galiyan, mudne lagi hain, mudne lagi hain
Raahon se teri, judne lagi hain, judne lagi hain
Chaubare saare yeh meelon ke maare se
Poochhe hain tera pata
Zara zara chalne se thakne laga hai dil mera
Zara zara udne ko karne laga dil mera

The streets, fainting, have started to turn,
they've begun getting connected to your paths,
all these squares (crossroads), as if tired of distances,
ask for your address..
My heart has begun getting tired of walking a little..
My heart wants to fly now, little by little..

Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan
Dilkashi ka samaa
Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan
Khwahishon ka samaa

I'm disturbed, confused, It's a weather of loveliness..
I'm disturbed, confused, It's a weather of wishes..

Be-baat khud pe, marne lagi hoon
Marne lagi hoon
Bebaak aahein, bharne lagi hoon
Bharne lagi hoon
Chaahat ke chheente hain, khaare bhi meethe hain
Main kya se kya ho gayi
Zara zara fitrat badalne laga dil mera
Zara zara kismat se ladne laga dil mera

Kaisi madhoshiyan
Mastiyan, mastiyan

For no reason, I have started loving myself,
falling for myself..
I've begun to sigh openly, freely..
These are splatters/drops of love,
even though salty, they feel as if sweet,
What has become of me..
My heart has begun to change intentions little by little..
My heart has begun to fight against fate, little by little..

What intoxications..
Joys, joys...

Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan
Aatishein woh kahaan
Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan
Ranjishein hai duan haan

2) Pani da rang from Vicky Donor
Pani da rang vekh ke
Akhiyaan cho anju rul de
Maahiya na aaya mera, maahiya na aaya
Maahiya na aaya mera, maahiya na aaya
Ranjhana na aaya mera, maahiya na aaya
Maahiya na aaya mera, ranjhana na aaya
Akhaan da noor vekh ke
Akhaan da noor vekh ke
Akhiyaan cho anju rul de

Seeing the color of water,
tears roll down my eyes
my lover didn't come, my beloved didn't come..
seeing the glow of the eyes,
tears roll down my eyes..

Kamli ho gayi tere bina aaja ranjhan mere
Baarish barkha sab kuch beh gayi, aaya nahi jind mere
Akhaan da noor vekh ke
Akhiyaan cho anju rul de

I went mad without you, come o my love,
all the rain flowed away, nothing stayed in my heart,
seeing the glow of eyes,
tears roll down my eyes..

Kotthe utte beh ke akhiyaan milaunde
Na jaana main tu kabhi chhod
Tere utte marda, pyaar tenu karda
Milega tujhe na koi aur
Tu bhi aa sabko chhod ke
Tu bhi aa sabko chhod ke
Meri akhiyaan cho anju rul de
Akhiyaan cho anju rul de

on the roof our eyes meet,
I don't have to leave you ever..
I fell for you, I love you,
You'll not find anyone else (so much loving)
You too come, leaving everyone..
You too come, leaving everyone..
tears roll down my eyes..
tears roll down the eyes..

Pani da rang vekh ke
Akhiyaan cho anju rul de...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rain Drops !

Rain drops try to touch the soul
As skies seem to smile
Shields are slowly melting away
Drenching all that's been still for a while

Streams flow down the mountain paths
Nudging the resting pebbles along
Spreading the green  and blooms around
Cascading down creating rainbows on a song

Rivers wade through the pent-up thoughts
Crossing the bridges into the Sea
Waves reach out below the ocean floor
Can they dig and find the hidden me?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Living in Mumbai !

Its been three long years... and I still find it difficult to comprehend that I am a full fledged Mumbaikar...I should say we are more than settled now and the pieces have slowly fallen into place, but there's always this nagging feeling at the back of my mind .. God only knows about what...

Honestly.... Mumbai Rocks !
                The city literally never sleeps. you will be amazed to find scores of people at Juhu Chowpati at 2.00 AM happily gorging on the Pav Bhaji  and trying to wade through the waves dunking the police patrols, or "Bade Miya" behind Taj Hotel being packed with people giving food orders  till so very late, or traffic jams on roads even in the middle of the nights.
               If given a chance, I would probably call it " More than a Maximum City", 'cause, I cant really figure out how so many people, vehicles, sky scrapers and languages can fit into this limited space. Every where you go, you are bound to bump into people any where, any time.  You cant really find a place of peace or silence, unless you close out all windows and lock yourself indoors at your home. ( Even then, you might hear an occasional honk and roar).
                Another amazing thing that I noticed at Mumbai is that, people don't seem to be measuring the distance at all, as they always talk about it in terms of time.  You go about and ask anyone how far do they stay from office and 99% of the time their answer would be in terms of time and occasionally if you are lucky, you might get to hear the place and the route they take... Distance doesn't matter :)
                You really need not worry about who is watching you and what you are wearing, what you talk and what you eat. Quite honestly, no body cares. More so because they don't have time. You will hardly know your neighbours and no one will even get to know if somethings happens inside your house, unless and until you have police and journalists find something of major interest which might help them with the headlines.
               Everything in Mumbai is taken with an essence of time. because life is always running .... from morning till night... as everyone and everything plays a major and critical role in your daily schedule, right from spouse & children and all other family members, friends, water, maids, vendors, school buses, autos, taxis, trains, buses, fuel stations, traffic,rains, nakabandis, vehicle break-downs, office lifts, bosses, teams,  telephone lines etc etc etc... and more so if you can remember and add to the list.
              That brings me to another topic that's been coming to my mind for the past few days. While in Mumbai we not only lead a vertical living, half the life goes on roads. Not just because the roads are bad, rains are bad, traffic management system is bad, but more so because people are insensitive and unsympathetic towards others. Thousands of Auto drivers, taxi drivers,bus drivers and truck drivers probably lack the educating system that might make them understand  the importance of not breaking the traffic rules. We even see the urban educated zipping past Red signals, taking the wrong Right/Left/ U-Turns which makes the life miserable for all others. The lack of time probably also contributes to the lack of maintenance of vehicles which invariably break-down and hold up traffic for hours together. Everybody is in a hurry to reach somewhere on time, that no one even cares if they jump lanes or scrape past our vehicles.  More importantly, I am not sure how many are actually thinking of all the fuel waste apart from the time of life that is getting wasted away on Mumbai roads. If everyone were to follow all the rules and put in their bit of efforts to run things smoothly, I am sure we can all save on everything and that might be better than protesting against the fuel price hikes
                 Before you start doubting my good intentions, let me quickly come back to the point of easy life in Mumbai. You get everything here.... from across the country to anywhere in the world.  Right from different cuisines to different languages, schools, colleges, temples, shops that sell your favorite and traditional south indian items , hundreds of malls which can help you loosen your purse strings, mega stores which might make your forget your long lists while travelling abroad.....Theres nothing like you cant find here and the best thing is everything will come to your doorstep..  pizzas,  eggs, tailors, beauticians, medicines you name it you got it.... :) some small mercies in the time lacked lives...
              The City teams with glamour, not just in the countless movie stars, TV stars,  Superstars and their houses and vanity vans and hospitals, models, Ad makers, Journalists, Fashion shows, but in the fashion streets, to the neighbourhood stalls which dish out fashion wear to college students , to the malls that get filled on weekends with walking divas... everyone is a star in their own right... In Mumbai, you get to see a wide variety of colours, fashion and glamour walking past you even if you fail to notice.
I am also not sure how far it is true that people age faster in Mumbai... So.. all you need is the energy, spring in your feet, penchant for pushing forward, and a heart to enjoy life as it comes... rather what ever life that is left for yourself in the small wee hours !

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Satyamev Jayate !!!

I always liked Aamir Khan... :) right from the time of QSQT... till Satya Mev Jayate...

Hmmm, I had to include the SMJ bit there, because, according to me, the transition of this personality from a cute little movie star to a movement has been phenomenal ! You need brains, guts and also good intentions to the take the bull by the horn or hit the nail on the head... he seems ready to face the pats on the back as well as brick bats with a smile on his face... of course along with few tears in his eyes once in a while..I've got to admit that my Sunday mornings have never been so engrossing since the Mahabharat days on Doordarshan... :).

All the more, when I watch each episode, I don't just feel bad to see the filth around, but it actually makes me wonder 'what can I do to make this better'...and I don't think a mere sms or donations are going to help much, but this requires a whole lot of involvement altogether. People need to think and become more involved, more engaged with the family, society, nation....It would probably need a complete re haul and change in our thought processes....

I do hope the time to begin has come... to Be The Change !

Salute -

Friday, March 16, 2012

Will the dreams come back ???

At times, when she sits alone
Even in the engulfing chaos around
She strains to hear the foot falls…
Will the silence come back?

When she tries to refresh her thoughts
Set in a life linked across times
Warming the heart and raking the past...
Will the memories come back?

While she looks back at a life that’s gone
Trying to trace the path back into love
Like the showers of rain from above...
Will the smiles come back?

As the Sun goes down on another day       
Bridging the worlds with a ray of hope
She looks up to grab the stars again...
Will the dreams come back?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Resolution 2012 !

Today morning, after a long time, when I walked 3 KM in half hour, I realised I need "To get my time back for myself !"  I guess it may not be as simple as it sounds, but I am planning to follow the basic steps to try to achieve this task.. :)

Decrease the list of priorities
and  most importantly learning to say NO.

Hope it that it would also help me come the blog way more often !

Cheers !