Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Painless World !!!

How strange... !!! Isn't it even tough to imagine a painless world..... but where does all this come from... ? There are so many questions.... and answers I seek.....
Am not sure what triggered this thought process.... am not sure what made it more diversified .... am not even sure if it was ignited when I was lost asleep or when I was wide awake... ..but as I looked at the various aspects of pains in life..... I couldn't help but put it in words... probably its a just a process to have more clarity of thought... or may be its also a way of just wishfull thinking...
Couple of weeks ago.. as I sat in a hospital, nursing an injury, going through meaning less tests...I happened to get a chance to have a close look at various scenarios... and few other things kept bugging my thoughts...?where does all this pain lead us to..?
How do we classify whats causing more pain... whats more painful???
A daughter crying for a father who died?... or is it the father who went thru the pain in the process of dying...?
Does it hurt more to get torn apart in an accident? or does the guilt hurt you more when you caused that accident?
Does the starving of a poverty striken child pain more? or does it pain more to attach machines to our bodies to suck out the excess fat?
Does it hurt more when a woman waits alone for her cheating husband? or does it hurt when she waits desperately for a lover that she never had...?
Does it pain more to struggle through long working hours? or does it pain more to see someone else walk away with the credits?
Does it hurt more to live a lonely life? or does it hurt when you are suffocated by lot of people in a golden cage?
Does it hurt more to hold back your tears? or does it hurt more to hide your happiness?
Does it pain to have a broken bone? or does a Broken heart pain more?
How easy and nice it would be to have a painless world.... how nice it would be if we can erase all the wounds and hurts and pain and move on with our life? how nice it would be if painfull memories don't haunt us through middle of the nights? how nice it would be if we can silently slip in to our deaths while sleeping...? how nice it would be if miracles can happen all the time......

Miracle !!! ... there you go.. its such a nice word :-)... so long.. till I come back with a new imagination...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Confused People; Complex Feelings

Empty spaces; Emotional bonds
Longing hours; Lonely nights
Gone away moments, Glaring vacuum
Secret wishes; Sacred thoughts
Stupid feelings; Silly fears
Deepening hurt; Drying tears
Sensitive insights; Silent prayers
Caring gestures, Casual reminders
Insane dreams, Imaginary images
Meaningful madness, Maddening silences
Painful lives, Plastic smiles
Dreadful concerns; Developing doubts
Deepest wounds; Deceitful expressions
Disappearing faces; Dissolving souls
Unkempt promises; Unspoken words
Muted calls; Misplaced trusts
Wounded egos; Wandering emotions
Illogical minds; Irrational thoughts
Lasting memories; Lost ties
Bruised feelings; Broken hearts...!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Have I ever told you???

Have I ever told you
that when I sit really still and silent,
sometimes... I like to think that
I can hear your heart
beating in time with mine?

Have I ever told you
that when ever you got in touch with me
through words and sounds….,
through lines and cords and bytes and ram,
I imagine your voice, whispering into my ear?

Have I ever told you
that I wait out each day in anticipation,
wanting only an hour or two,
or just a second in space and time…..
to feel your presence in my life?

Have I ever told you
that there has been times,
when I ached for you, ached for you so badly,
that the emotions overwhelmed me…
and so I sat alone and thought?

Have I ever told you
that sometimes, I reach out to touch your name
in my telephone list or on this cold screen before me,
wishing I could reach in
where ever you are and pull you to me?

Have I ever told you
that every time I heard the sound of your voice,
thousands of miles away,
I sat up all night,
turning the conversation over and over in my mind?

Have I ever told you
that I dream of you often,
I dream of you reaching out and touching my hand,
simply to let me know
that you are there,and everything is okay?

Have I ever told you,
or have I still yet to tell you ….???

No Regrets!!!

I don't regret ever
About what I felt towards you...
It's just too bad that
About your feelings I had no clue...

I've learned you can't make someone like you;
All you can do is only try
You left me with no answers
Now to put myself to sleep I cry....

I wonder if you think about me
The way I keep thinking about you...
I can't get you off my mind
And I don't know what else to do....

I've tried not calling you
But my fingers start to dial...
I try to keep myself busy
But that only works for a while...

I've always wanted to tell you
But I guess I was scared...
I am not sure if you liked me back
Or if you even cared...

At times, I want to forget about you,
But it's easier said than done...
don't want to hurt anymore
How could I have been so dumb???

At times, I wish you would come back just once
Hug me tight and say everything will be fine...
I long for that assurance
But, will it ever be the same again???

Monday, December 10, 2007

What took you so long?????

Written almost 4 years ago.... this particular poem has two versions.. the other one is also somewhere in the archives..

My days seem to be filled with your thoughts
While the nights just pass by, full of your dreams
The love that was probably asleep in me,
Seems to be awakened, when you walked into my life

The engulfing silence when I sit alone with you
The breeze that caresses, when I am walking with you
The blush in my face that I try to hide from you
Everything adds up to the pleasures of being in love with you

The way you hold my hand, when in crowd
The way you smile when I smile at you
Your guiding words, when I seem to be lost
Will always make me wonder about the feelings that grew

Memories just flood over, as the moon raises overhead
The soft flicker of the stars spread the glow over me
But will my nights or days ever be the same again?
As I sit back and remember all the sweet things you did for me

The initial steps back, probably confirmed,
That one-day soon, together we would belong
May be it was all just waiting to happen,
But then, what took you so long???

Token of Friendship!!!

For all the countless joys we share
For all the things we do , to show we care
For all the words, that reflect our feelings
For all the probings, and the 'Just Kidding's
For all the maddening silence that lies within
For all the priceless meetings that are yet to happen.....

Picking up the pieces...

She looked at the words
Which stared back at her
Wondering whether they really meant
What they intend to be

She had the longing in her heart
To get close to him, comes what may
Thought he felt that way too
Now, is this all he had to say?

For long, she could do nothing
As feelings gave way to tears
She didnt know where this will lead
But now, she is free of all the fears

He didn't know her hurt
He didnt know her pain
He didnt even know that
She can pick up the pieces again!


There was darkness everywhere near
And I found myself alone...
With terrible fright, I searched for you
As chills ripped my every bone...
I shook myself to let out a scream
Only then, realising it to be an awful dream...

'Cause, I saw your sweet face
With a sweet little smile on your lips...
Dear, will I be able to join your pace?
Escaping time's all possible whips...

I sat watching you,
As sweet memories flooded back..
Surely was I not surprised, that
Every recollection was nothing but sweet...

In whatever I saw,
We were there together...
And passing through the night,
Happiness made me feel like a feather...

And as I saw you in sleep besides me,
I knew nothing would ever go wrong...
Your mere presence near me,
Makes me feel so strong...

Slowly sleep took over me again,
As I sank back into my world of dreams...
Sweet as they were this time,
We were together, clinging to each other's arms...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

If Only...!!!

If only I saw you in a dream,
then never again would I want to awaken...

If only I were to see you again by chance,
then never again would I leave your side...

If only I were to hear your voice again,
then I would make sure the vibrations never left my mind...

If only the world was not against us being together,
then I would tell you "I love you" every time I saw you...

If only my feelings could be told in open,
then never would I leave your side...

If only the wind was strong enough to carry me,
then I would be by your side every time you think of me...

If only jealousy never existed,
then I would present you with gifts in front of the world...

If only the winds, clouds, and rain could speak,
then only would they speak of us...

Ripple !!!

My life was still
You came as a ripple
Stirred my emotions
Made me float in clouds

I dont want to care
If world screams at me
For letting you to disturb me
For you are giving me happinnnes
& making my life beautiful

I just hope its not a storm in coming
As I have neither the strength nor courage
Either to swim acrossOr to succumb...

Dreaming About You...!

My Life seems to be beautiful
And the world glows bright & nice
I chanced upon to look around
Oh! Can you feel the happiness in my eyes?

The breeze seemed to caress me
With the lovely scent of a distant you
The chirping sounds of birds that flew
Dear! It does echo like your voice I knew

The complex colors of the faraway skies
Sweetly reminds me of all your lies
Your reaching out presence across the miles
Indeed gives me lots of smiles

The rise & fall of waves in the sea
The twinkling stars & the moon that peeps
All that's beautiful, every new dawn brings
I end up finding you in all these things

I wish this dream would go on forever
Only such illusions can be so nice
And if I can see you only through these dreams
Then, forever in sleep, I shall close my eyes....

Friday, December 7, 2007


Amidst the unfriendly hours of life,
Oh God! Get me a hand to share
Lost in all the tingles of heart,
I just am present no where
Alone was I left to dwell to make
a hell out of my life,
There was no light for me,
As darkness grew as fog around,
But then, in that dazzling solid night,
And when I could see only fading light,
There came the change, which I always wished for,
May be too early as I still had a long way to go,
But you brought sunshine along with,
And I found no way to refuse,
So now my dear, get me to you and never leave me again,
Take me to your heart my dearest and I’ll never leave from there
Near me be you all the while
And make me feel your presence everywhere,
Make me helpless in being grateful to you,
Fill me with your thoughts dear,
And be mine always,
As I always wished my lover to be.

You are in my thoughts!

You are in my thoughts,
Inside me, around me and everywhere I see,
Especially in my memories,
From which I cannot flee,
Yes! You are in my thoughts.

I shut my doors on love
Believed it was something which I didn’t deserve,
But, you are seeping through the doors,
Breezing through the windows,
Engulfing me with your warm touches,
Sweet whisperings and silent signals,
But always bringing me back to
The present of vacuum filled loneliness,
Yes! You are in my thoughts.

My heart aches for you,
Feels you near me, giving me strength,
Advice and inspiration in everything I do,
But it always scares me, that it’s a dream
Disappearing by the daylight,
That you may never come back to me,
That you may leave me alone again,
And amidst all these hopes and doubts,
Yes! You are in my thoughts

Red Rose

There he stands at a distance very near,
Staring at me straight without any fear,
With a mischievous sparkle in his dark eyes,
Patiently he waits with sweet little sighs,
When he finds my eyes in his direction,
His heart jumps and leaps,
His face brightens and surprising smiles fill his lips,
Straight he came with charm one day,
And forwarded a rose of red,
I at once had the thought of his mind read

Devine Love

On that serene night, I seeked the help so kind
Of the sleep to fight the loneliness
Both sweet & painful memories rushed to my mind
As my heart was filled with helplessness
There was no one to care for me
None to share the moments of agony
Time was trying to play with me
As I was alone without company
Loneliness was my only friend
To it, cunningly was I wed
Oh God! In your world so big,
My life is just like a broken twig
I feel, I might have been a sinner
For I never got a chance to be a winner
And in that darkness calm & serene
I pray to you, to fill me with Love Divine




Once you offered your heart to me
Which I refused without any thought
Then, you withdrew yourself into your shell
Silently made my life a hell
I longed to see you , communicating hundreds of silent words
Tears welling in my eyes, cursing the fate that pulled us apart
Whenever I saw you, my heart skipped a beat
And you were certainly not aware of my this plight
Were my eyes that expressionless as such?
Or did your heart loose its sense of touch?
But, I could feel the sadness in your eyes
Tearing your heart like a knife
Through all the times together
And when we parted ways in life
Assuring me that it was not a one sided romance
And there will always be another chance
Time may pass and years may glide by
When you cannot forget me, How can I???

For You !

When I tried to put my love in words
I felt it lacked the feelings
When I tried to show my love in action
I felt it lacked the passion
When I tried to sing my love in music
I felt it lacked the melody
So, I preferred to leave it as it is
As I felt you know, how much I love you

Father Dear !

That day broke as usual,
Nothing appeared to be casual,
But, it was the awful day in my life,
Which had the power to tear me like a knife,
It took away my dearest person along with it,
Never giving me a chance to see again the person so closely knit,
He was the best alternate I ever found,
The day I lost him, my tears knew no bound,
At home he was my very good teacher,
In times of need he was also my preacher,
His company used to make us laugh with roar,
Being with him, I never felt it bore,
For knowledge, he was like an institute,
For him, there will never be a better substitute,
He’s filled in my mind soul and heart,
And from there I know, he will never try to depart,
To tell about him, there’s lots & lots more,
He’s simply the person, I still adore
I never felt him bad,
As he me greatest love as DAD


I am not shut indoors,
The world opens before me
There may not be any rules
But I am not let to openly feel
None can see the invisible chains
Binding a girl from life so free
Arguments arise that women can’t be girls,
Hey! But there’s still a girl in me.

I may not long for pigtails or pet dogs,
May not even wish to fly high with the kites,
No big dreams of bungalows & cars
& Long back left behind, the fun of counting the stars
But, there’s a burning urge inside,
To run barefoot in the pouring rain
Forgetting all problems & pain,
To laugh out loud and to have fun,
To remember everyone who touched my life
And gave me strength to move ahead
If this means, I can’t be a woman
Then, Yes! There’s still a girl in me.

For long, we were not let to express ourselves,
Had to withdraw our feelings & suppress our desires
Tending to your needs, helping your careers,
Grooming your kids but forgetting about selves,
But friend! You forget that we too need our space,
We can’t always be the emotional race,
Because, in every mother, sister, wife & daughter
There’s still a girl inside.


You always extend your hand
To show how much you care
We may be very far
Yet, treasured moments we share
When I need someone to hold me
I feel you are always there
You are the source of my HAPPINESS
That I hope you are well aware.

You give me hope and also doubts
I search for you, but my effort is all in vain
You come in my dreams and chase away my sleep
All the while dear, my heart is in pain
Your thoughts get me drenched
As your memories come down as rain
You are the source of my HURTwondering whether you will ever be mine.

You ease yourself into my life
Promising beautiful days in places far away
Into my heart you whisper wonderful things
Giving it a dilemma, which way to sway
When I come back for reassurance
You just turn back and look away
You are the source of my HUMILIATION
As someday, you may forget me and flyaway.

WHY ???

She was lying down alone
And was just thinking of him
About all the things he said
All the things he wished he did
All the words that remained silent
All the feelings that could never be told!

They went through an illusion
That they can make it happen
That this will last forever
And some day they will meet each other
But, bottom of her heart, she always knew
As time rolled by and moments flew
That, there is never a chance for ‘us’
As they both belonged to others
And that this will come to an end
As rapidly as it began
Only leaving them emotionally drained
With hearts that are badly hurt!

Neither could she walk with him
Nor could he stay back for her
They had different paths to take
And separate lives to live
And when they could handle it no more
She just had to let him go
With an everlasting doubt in mind
Whether he ever cared for her in true
Or whether the emotions made her blind
Because, If he had loved her enough,
He couldn’t have left her in this blue!

And there she was, lying down alone,
Just thinking of him
Probably wondering forever
Why did he ever come into her life???

The Love Within

Deep down in my heart
Specially sown was a seed
It just flew down from somewhere
But I started nurturing it with care

I never let the winds touch it
And never let the weeds distract
Gave it shade from the burning skies
And saved it from the prying eyes

I breezed it with my joyous moments
And protected it with my feelings
I shielded it from my fears
And watered it with my tears

Yet, now, I am scared
That this seed would die a seed
Never will grow to be a plant
Never to be a tree……

Living With Your Memories

I was walking in the gloom,
Seemingly alone on the beach
My eyes let the tears bloom,
As you were painfully out of reach

You seem to be with me all the while,
But never in truth, never to be real
All the words & voices appear to have become mute
And the unspoken feelings, much too cruel.

Flooding memories rush back in time,
In every moment awake & every dream in sleep
Yet, I have no physical recollection to hold on to,
And that you were never mine makes me weep

Your absence now, makes me go mad,
And I am really confused about what we actually had
We trusted it was more than friendship that we shared,
And, missing you this way, is making me sad

I really don’t know what I feel inside
And this hurt makes my heart go weak
My emotions, somewhere I have displaced
There are so many questions, and answers I seek

Was I a mere vacation for you?
While you entertained your heart & mine
Once again I am stuck wondering why?
Walking alone in the dark, wanting to cry

I long for a little word from you
Waiting by the phone, that never rings with your call
I wanted you to be next to me, holding my hand
But I should have caught myself, when I knew I would fall

Hopes of tomorrow seems to be fading
And my today is packed with grief
I am merely living with your memories
Even though the time we shared is so brief !!!


I trusted you as a friend, although,
I never knew what you thought of me
Valued you as a person, as with you,
Myself, I could always be.

I only tried to put you at ease
As you never expressed, what you really feel
May be I did hurt your heart in the way
But its hurting me more, with a torturous zeal.

You just chose to keep away,
Hurting me with your words all along
Left me wondering all the time
What on my part made this go wrong?

I just wish you would come back to me
As waiting for you makes me feel so helpless
May be you never bothered to realize,
But I am missing you more than I can express.

Waves seem to pound my heart
As your thoughts take my breath away
May be we took everything for granted
Must be true, that all men are that way.

Men walk past our lives at times
Leaving a footprint or two as such
Crushing a few hearts on the way
Failing to see that it hurts so much.

I Should Have……………..

I should have buried my feelings deep
Without letting you know how I feel

I should have let the tears seep
Into the pillow and held it tight

I should have kept my secrets in dark
As they wouldn’t have hurt anyone else

I should have let others too, make a mark
As then, I wouldn’t have thought of you as special

I should have let my dreams to die
As you seem to invade my every thought

I should have left my wishes to dry
As the ancient promises, all but whither

I should have known the hurt from the start
And held my heart in a protective wrap

I should have walked away from you long before,As now, I can’t seem to let go of you…………………

Awaiting To See You ……

I close my eyes, yet sleep eludes me
As this lovely feeling spreads inside
Touching the heart and searching my soul
From my toes to straight into my mind

I hope & try to shun this feeling
Though I am not sure, If I should even try
This must be the best thing I ever felt
As tears of happiness makes me cry

I always gathered my little minutes in life
To share few treasured moments with you
As you take me through ups & downs of love
At times I am lost, wondering what to do

You upset me and leave me to suffer alone
Yet a single word from you brings life back into me
How do you hold this power from afar?
Is it because female hearts are like depths of sea

Some time in my life, I would like to see you,
No matter what happens, that’s what I want to do
You already made a difference in my life,
And all I would want to say is“ Thank you”

Thinking Of You

What would you be doing at this time?
Every moment I keep thinking about the same……….

I have left my heart somewhere
And now it appears to have become your shadow.
It refuses to come back to me
But how could this be true?
Neither were you here nor was I there,
How did you work wonders on me…..…?

Your thoughts seem to keep me awake
Into the wee hours of the lonely nights
They drive me into doing everything
Even during the busy times of broad daylights
How do I spend my life?
What should I do to end this grief………..?

Where ever I turn & whatever I do
I always have your presence felt
My eyes don’t seem to be taking in
Anything else other than you
You seem to have cast your charm on me
Ho do I come out of this magic spell…………?

There must be some intoxication
In every letter that forms your name
There must be some numbing passion
In your sweet caring voice
I seem to get lost in your dreams
And every moment I spend in your thoughts

Would you be even thinking about me?
Will you be able to look straight in my eyes?
Judge my feelings and utter few words
Did you ever think about the emotional ties?
Or are you just having a good laugh?
As you see that I am losing my mind.

What would you be doing at this time?
Every moment I keep thinking about the same………..

Loved you with All of My Heart

I loved you with all of my heart
I wanted to hate, yet I loved
Every time you were gone, I hated it more
I blamed myself, every time you left
Though you were at wrong, I cursed myself.

I held on to your hand, as we walked together
I was scared of stumbling, though I held your hand
When you left my hand at times, I did stumble across
It was like pushing me down, every time you left my hand
And I did come down falling, every time you pushed.

It did hurt me badly, every time I fell
I sat there crying alone, every time it hurt
I used to hear you laugh, every time I cried
I looked up to see your hand, even while you laughed
You helped me to stand again, by holding my hand.

I was scared to walk besides you, as I stood there by myself,
Yet, this love I have for you, made me walk with you
Waiting to fall all over again, just because of this love for you
As I loved you with all of my heart

My Love for you …

I tried to hold you tight in my palm
But you seem to have slipped through my fingers
I feel dead in my heart inside
As your thoughts in my mind, still lingers

I feel all alone, reaching out to you
As you pretend to be oblivious of my presence
I seek out to you with all of my heart
As you look back in mock, having a laugh

Was it all my dream, that you cared for me
Or was it all an illusion that you will be with me
Or may be only a madness that happened to me
Or is it simply that you just had to hurt me

How foolish had I been in feeling this way
You are gone now, but I guess I lost myself
I sit back in silence and watch with tearful horror
As dreams I had are turning into my nightmares.

I feel sorry that I loved you so much, may be
Wrong were the feelings which I expressed as such

My Window To The World !!!

You were my window to the world
And you meant the world to me!!!

I turned to you in happiness & hurt
And always thought, you will be there for me

You were in the simple words which flashed onto my face
And also the sweet feelings which still roam in my mind

The love you taught me always made my heart swell
You are filled in my thoughts, which refuse to stay still

I turn back the pages and look through the memory space
Every little detail that got stored in its special place

I laugh at all the small things we managed to share
The wonderful gestures that reflected the care

I look back in wonder at the bonds that grew
Is it even possible that one can actually withdrew

I remember the hurt & anguish you caused me
I remember the love that hid all your faults by blinding me

Why you left me, I don’t really have a clue
As I try to bring back the time that just seems to have flew

Oceans have become the waves in my tears
And desert storms raise in my heart filled with fears

How do I tell you, the way its being for me
I just cant stop thinking of you, but may be you never loved me

If Only You Knew !!!

In my dreams, When I see you for a while,
I just don’t know why, but I seem to smile.

The little thoughts of you that I do recollect
Will always linger even if not sensibly correct.

It fails me why I keep thinking of you...
When I know none of our dreams will ever come true!

Oh dear God! Why do I keep saying 'our'?
When it’s purely mine, every minute & every hour.

You would in no way think, whatsoever,
What I feel & what am I going through- never!!

For all I know is that, your caring words, just seem to chase me...
What do they try & convey me I should only wait and see....

As you would never come and tell me in open--
But just excite me and let my feelings deepen;

But what can I say when at times you choose to walk away?
As that seems to be taking out my life half way

What’s happening with me, if only I knew.....
That I can never stop loving you, if only you knew.........

First Kiss

Distances melted down, as they met,
Blown away by the emotions that have been felt,
Eyes started to absorb everything around,
As the closeness that set in, reduced the ground,
Holding the hands, sharing the silence,
Words kept pouring out, but were they making any sense?
The beautiful feeling, matching the early sunshine,
Was also sending chills down the spine,
The eternal love that showered from the eyes,
Wiped out the doubts that got created across miles,
While numbness spread over, widening the groove,
Patiently they waited even to make a move,
As the feelings betrayed the future they miss,
On her forehead, he planted the ‘First Kiss’.

All About You

I keep thinking about you,
I am not sure if I am right
You are always in my dreams,
Even when I try to sleep at night

All I remember is only your words
With your caring little touch
As I think of your arms around me
I long for you so much

Always to be with you,
Never wanting you to go
Wish I had told you,
Just how I feel for you so

All that we got to speak,
The memories that got set
It can only be genuine
Never refusing the fact

The joy of our wishes,
The smile on my face
Reassuring that no one ever
Can take up your place

I just wish this dream will go on forever
As my thoughts get caught up in a spin
And my heart was starting to wander
As I am sure I shall never feel this way again

I tried to absorb all that’s new
The slow happening of romance
As for not loving you,
Did I ever really have a chance?

I have given you my love
Just store it in your heart
No matter what happens
I will never try to depart

Even if you loose me along the way
For you, I will always care
Like how you are there in mine, inside your heart,
I will always be there.

The Way I Feel

I had my own little world
Was happy with everything I had
You seem to have breezed in through, and
Taken over me, which is driving me mad

A feeling of closeness & love
You helped me to find
Since the day I spoke to you
You are always on my mind

My heart responds to you
In many different ways
While I feel your caring ness
I seem to get lost in a happy daze

I have become a stranger to myself
As I never felt this before
Even when I really try, these feelings,
I am just not able to ignore

I smile and become alive
When I see you around once in a while
If being with you means happiness
Probably, I would walk, even that extra mile

I Know It Hurts

If the hurt you feel can be explained
The words would flow through my pen
As deep in my heart I realize that
Women too, can badly hurt men

If the hurt you feel can be expressed
I see that flash through your eyes
I can’t help but wonder, does she
Even remember all those emotional ties?

If the hurt you feel can be seen
I see that as a dream that just flew away
I know her memories will haunt you forever
But, into your past, just let her fade away

If the hurt you feel can be felt
I can trace it to your broken heart
Others can only touch & mend
But only time can ofcourse heal the hurt

If the hurt you feel can be told
It still would not capture the sorrow
May be you never really knew her love
But there would always be a better tomorrow

If the hurt you feel can be cleared
We’d do anything to help reduce the pain
I know your heart aches for her still
But, someday, you will find another love again!!!

Dear Heart !

Oh dear heart, stop quivering with excitement,
Don’t you realize you are hoping for too much
You are not even sure if he likes you
Doesn’t even know if it will happen
These wishes would only bring you hurt
So now, just stop thinking about him.

Oh dear heart, I know you just flew to him
But please come back, when he doesn’t have a place for you
It becomes easy to get crushed
As it’s making you very vulnerable
It would be better to be away than to be lost
So now, just stop thinking about him.

Oh dear heart, I know he is your dream,
But just try & wake up from this slumber
As eventually, it would only bring you nightmares
Hurt that you will feel, cannot be reversed
As it will haunt you in every dream & thought
So now, just stop thinking about him.

After Thoughts!!!!

She feels at peace with herself
As she tries to shield her heart
Shredding the possessiveness
Guarding her senses, regaining the poise
Enjoying the pain that follows
The heart that lost all its wishes

She always watched you at a distance
While you breezed through her life
She always waited for a smile from you
Of course it must’ve hurt, when she was ignored
She looks back at the bonding that got created
Failing to understand why it all had to go

She used to be flooded by a feeling of belongingness
She cared for everything as if it belonged to her
But, as she lost you gradually, she lost herself
Wasn’t she becoming a different person? And at last,
She has also shed her feelings of being happy,
Probably, that was all she had, since she met you.

Guess, she is not supposed to feel so good
As the feelings she had, always failed
To win over her disqualifications
Is the love scared of her or is she scared of love?
As she walks alone, the Sun burns down on her,
Is it trying to burn her heart, she wouldn’t know?

Doesn’t she deserve the happiness of love?
Those elated moments filled with joy so pure
She thought would always be there for her
But now, she is not really so sure...
Your memories seem to be hitting her as waves
Are they pulling the sand from under her feet, she wouldn’t know?

She feels detached from her own self
Mending a heart that trusted everything
Memories flash by, frame by frame
Making her feel foolish at her beliefs
That dreams & illusions would someday come true
But now, is she at peace with herself, she wouldn’t know???

Being together!!!

My days seem to be filled with your thoughts
While the nights just pass by, full of your dreams
Whatever you do and where ever you are
My happiness spills over, just being your wife

The engulfing silence when I sit alone with you
The protectiveness I feel, when I am walking with you
The longing ness that comes, when I keep missing you
Everything adds up to the pleasures of being in love with you

The way you hold my hand, when in crowd
The way you touch to show that you care
The way you guide, when I seem to be lost
Will always make others wonder about the bond we have

Like the blazing sun that gives a soothing pain
When you are away, I realize how much you mean
Memories just flood over, as the moon raises overhead
While the soft flicker of the stars spread the glow over me

If being in love means, happiness and tears
I’d even put my fights and fears into a song
All the hold ups & arguments also, probably confirm
That forever and ever, together we would belong

For my Dreamy Eyes

Can you see my eyes? What do they say?

All that love I have stored in my heart for you
All that thoughts that get me carried away
All that wonderful feelings that got created………..
All that volumes of love that reflects from your eyes
All that happiness that comes when I see you smile
All that tingles in my heart that twinkles through them…………
All that trust that pledged my life with you
All that sweet dreams that became true
All that secrets that got shared
All that pillow talks that was priceless………
All that care that asks you to be with me
All that precious moments we are with each other
All that hopes that keeps us together…………

Dreamy eyes,
If you were to see all that in my eyes…..
You would know for sure how much I love you………..

You & Me

The glow in my eyes can light up everywhere
I know for sure its just because you are here
The beat in my heart keeps going faster
Just by the way I feel when you are near

The words you speak and thoughts you share
Are always sweet and so very dear
While your caring voice just helps me fight
All my lonely battles without any fear

You showed me how beautiful I am
When you brought in sunshine & rain
You gave me strength & confidence
By holding my hand, time & time again

You invade my dreams and play with my sleep
The sweetness you bring that assures the smile
The stars that you bring down to shine
Helps me glow with you, if only for a while

Sitting close to you, sharing the silence
Wondering always, why life had to be this way?
Are these the bonds from the other life?
When I am here, why did He make you go the other way?

You made me laugh you made me happy
You made me cry till you made me yours
Waiting for the lives to come where
You will be mine and I will be just yours

Pains of Love

If life can be described in words
My life was just going by
Then I saw you in my dreams
Just don’t know why

You became my world
My happiness and life
But when you make me cry
It kills me like a knife

Where would I go?
If my protector turns away from me
If you are not there for me,
Trust me, there will be no me

My love for you is strong
It keeps growing day by day
Even if you hurt or chase me
I will not just go away

Can’t Afford To Lose You

My heart bleeds with the thought of losing you,
The agony in my soul tells me to love more,
Perhaps you won't walk away……… please stay.
Do you really want to destroy me, my life of joy?
What more can I stand? Your words seem to kill me
And what if I die from this pain?
I know it’s hurting you, too.
But losing you, I might as well be dead.
I beg you to consider my tears.
We have been in love for so long,
And we have so many fond memories.
Can I suggest we take a ride back to the place where we met?
Go back in time to look through the love that united us?
We have had turmoil before, but think of it dear,
With out our love, how it would hurt both of us
As I always thought you is the person,
I vowed to love until death
My dearest love, come,
Let your tears mingle on my cheeks,
For I remember the pledge
To love you forever and ever……


Life knows no bounds
When it comes to feeling alone
As I got to see around
And knew there’s so much to learn

Through the dark valleys of life I faced
I knew the strength in me to lift myself
When I was against Rocky Mountains
I knew, of course, that I could climb alone

Through the vacuum that got created
I realized the unclear paths I took
Through the dumbness that hit me at times
I realized the mistakes I made

Through the smiling faces around
I learnt the hatred that ran through the minds
Through the few friends who stood by me
I realized the true values of life

When I felt stuck & there was no way to go
I knew about the will to survive
Through the protector’s who turned away
I knew its time to find another way

Life knows no bounds
When it comes to feeling alone
As I got to see around
And knew there’s nothing to mourn

Broken Heart !!!

How do I tell you?
Where do I start?
How will you ever know?
What’s going through my heart?

The pain that you are causing me
Spreads like wild fire inside
Burning tears flow down to my heart
As you seem to have kept our love aside

The silence that surrounds my mind
Helps bring your memories as rain
As I drench myself in your thoughts
I wonder if you will remain to be mine

While you are going ahead with your life
I seem to have lost my way
As I hold on to our together dreams
You seem to turn back and look away

While the distance breeds the doubts in us
I wait here alone to nurse my hurt
But how will you ever know
About my bruised feelings and broken heart???

Radha Waits…..

As the stars twinkle in the skies
As the river flows over the rocks
As her hair, with the breeze, flies
Radha dances away into the night

As the air carries your flute song
As her eyes search with hope
As you make her wait alone for long
Radha dances away into the night

As the evening fades away the light
As the moon looks down upon the earth
As all her doubts, she tries to fight
Radha dances away into the night

As her cheeks fill with her tears
As the beads of sweat glitter on her waist
As she struggles to silence her fears
Radha dances away into the night

As the shadow grows of that monster tree
As the birds slide into their nests for sleep
As from all the chains, she tries to break free
Radha dances away into the night

As she looks back at memories of yesterday
As she calls out to you to end your play
As she hopes to get over this someday
Radha dances away into the night

Why ???

Why did it have to turn out this way?
Why did you become a stranger in a day?

When it was going fine in every way,
Just what made you turn and go away?

You seem to be hurting me so much,
Did you even think about my feelings in any way?

When all I thought was only about you,
Why did choose to ignore me and fly away?

While I wanted you in all my tomorrows
Why did you erase me from even your today?

While I had my eyes only for you,
Why did u close your eyes and looked other way?

When you wanted me only for a while
Why did you make my heart sway?

Why did you bind me in this world of yours?
When you personally could not stay

When you knew you would leave me someday
With my heart, why did you play???

1000 Tears…………

There isn't a night that she doesn't cry
Every night, before she falls asleep
The thoughts of you are always there
In her mind and her heart so deep

The times of laughter, sharing of thoughts,
And the poems that you wrote
The sweet and silly words that you shared,
With each and every note.

Where were you when she needed you?
Why did you let go of her?
Why weren't you there to comfort her?
Didn't you really care for her?

Memories you made, dance in her head
And unsaid words, all but few
Come back to prove themselves true
That once in her life she was loved by you.

So determined not to give up
But deep inside, her heart starts to break
So determined to just stay tough
But now she realizes she took about all she can take.

1000 dreams, 1000 kisses and now 1000 tears…
As she turns around for one last stare,
I guess she will feel this for ever…
Friend, for you she will always care.

Do You Know?

As the days just go by,
When you are not there
It’s like having wings
But there is no air

When you are around
I do feel a little shy
But the way I feel for you
Can never be a lie

You don’t know how much I love you
Let’s keep it that way
Cause if you knew
You might just fade away!!!