Thursday, November 27, 2008

How long are we going to take it???

They have done it again... Mumbai burns.. and it depresses & angers us all....the unknown face of terror is unleashed upon innocent humanity.. and yet again we go about doing what we usually do... some of us call our friends & family to make sure they are all safe, some of us watch the endless replays of media havoc, some of us do definately talk about it with everyone around, some of us curse every possible person/outfit responsible, some of us empathise with all the victims, some of us actually go about lighting online candles to show our solidarity and support, some of us go about compromising saying this happens all over the world-all the time and some of us just don't care.... ( we are too busy with our own lives you see.......)

Whats happening with our country???....... It hurts !!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Connecting my various blog posts

" He comes to her unexpectedly…. Like the ray of a hidden light….that can hit her suddenly…at any moment…!"
Its just a line from the Ayn Rand authored book - "Atlas Shrugged" , while referring to the characters -Dagny Taggort & Francisco d'Anconia...

I guess I can relate to that....connect it to quite a few of my earlier blog posts & it just goes on to strengthen the belief in something that I always felt........"Just let it go… It shall come back if its any true.. If it doesn’t.. then it never was …."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Men are from Mars !!!

Do men actually have that kind of control on us? Even while we keep going about our lives.. multitasking our multiple roles...they can actually make us long for them....subtly...surprisingly... stupidly.....They come to us only when they feel like.. and when they need us ........and they can actually shut out and close if they dont need us for a while... having their own lives...engrossed in their own stuff......going into their own caves ( thats the justification I got from a male friend).....its not just with me..I've seen it with almost all the women that I know..but these men might not even realise how much it affects us times it almost borders on selfishness and being insensitive... and if you ask for anything.. or express your feelings.. its like we have expectations... we are unreasonable.....we are illogical.. we are never happy & satisfied....we always want more....

But how long do you keep reaching out?... how long will you keep trying to give it a shot? .. how long will you keep putting up with things? will they ever know that we are not expecting anything as they assume? and we are surely not being unreasonable in comparing? will they know only after they loose us? or will they ever loose us... ? or are we going to be sticking around..... u know .... like always being there for them? :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Missing Him !!!

How does she tell him that she is missing him?
When all she can feel are walls around
How does she say that he is her everything?
When she lost her way with her feet aground

How does she know if it’s reaching him?
All the tears that were shed over lonely nights
Would he even know about the
inflicting torture?
As she tries to challenge her lonely fights

How will he ever know about her love?
When all he cared about was his feelings that were muted
How will she prove that she is aching for him?
When all her hopes, on him were rooted

How will he ever know, that time is flying by?
And that his silence is slicing through her heart
How will he even know about her eternal wait?
Though it seems to be taking her apart

How does she scream out her pain?
That she lost out her life and tried
How does he come to know about all the times?
When she just stood there and cried

How would he ever know, what he is to her?
How would he ever know that she is missing him???

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Looking Back !!!

There was this dialogue in a Julia Robert's movie -'Sleeping with the enemy'...................


3 little words.. yet I guess they left a lasting impact to be embedded into the memory...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Manam Virumbudhe!!!

Here we go with another translation !!! As I listened to this song today from a Tamil Movie made Some time ago ....Manam Virumbudhe from Nerukku Ner..., the thought of translating it started bugging me :) and again I hope it makes some kind of sense ...

My heart likes you, so much
That my eyes fight back the sleep
Your thoughts spread calm inside,
As your face resides in that heart that’s deep
Oh dear! I seem to be loosing myself
And I don’t even seem to know your identity!

As you gave me that glance
And your face bloomed with a beautiful smile
It’s like a lightening bolt that hit me
Even as I struggled to come out of that
I wonder who pasted your beautiful face
Right across my heart
It’s like a storm that’s passing through my life
Just feel my heart beat to know what I am going through
My heart seems to be longing for you……

I was never drenched by the pouring rains
I never melted with the blazing sun
I had become a rock weathering through the life
But like a tiny wild flower that blooms
On the rocky patch of mighty mountains
This stupid love seems to have come alive
I wonder what the destiny holds in store
As I didn’t know till now, that hearts are made only to love…!