Thursday, June 17, 2010

so many out there....

How many nights remain wide awake in sleep...?
How many dreams dissolve in eyes that weep…?
How many lives wait to share the feelings of love…?
How many eyes search for lost ties even now…?
How many people lead a life that’s a lie…?
How many broken hearts cry out and sigh...?
How many memories kindle a dead romance…?
How many of them do get another chance...?

This is written for a friend...J are not alone.. there are hazaar people out there who would relate to you.. and more are what you are because of you and you alone...your destiny need not tie you up to people who chose to walk away.. so keep going...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I feel; would you care?
I think; will you be there to share?
I reach; would you come back to where you left me long ago?
I walk; will you be around to say “Let’s go"?
I sit; would you count the stars for me?
I speak; will you break the silence with me?
I smile; would you become a sparkle of joy?
I cry; will you continue your life and enjoy?