Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dasvidaniya !!!

Hmmm... What a movie...Just managed to catch up on this long pending movie and all through it, I kept wondering why I could not make time for it till now......I am not sure why such good films dont actually become Box Office Hits... may be the lack of glamour doesnt help much.... and it might not appeal to the NRI audience..... and it may not win us any Golden Globes or Oscars.. But good.... thankfully, atleast some one still went ahead and dared to make a straight forward movie honestly...

While I watched Amar Kaul living the last few days of his life on his own terms .. in a very subtle way....a thought kept gnawing at the back of my mind... If I were to make my own list of " 10 Things To Do Before I Die"...what all would feature on that list? Trust me , it was not very easy....Not because..... I had too many things on my list...but because... I was blank..... May be it would take time to think & plan.. may be the list will grow... may be there will be things to do in a hurry.... or may be there will be the list seems to be completely blank & empty....... just like how I feel now..... Does that mean... I' ve no more wishes any more? ........Have I already done what ever I wanted to do ..or have I planned for everything that has to be done... or just didnt have anything to do? or have I given up on things already? .... How boring... !!!

Anyways... this being just the 2nd post of the year... will update you if the list picks up :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Two Men In My Life !!!

Things kept me busy... life became so hectic that I could not even check out my blog for a while now ... though its almost 18 days since a brand new year has started, I owe myself to wish each & everyone of you a happy, peacefilled & blessed new year...!!!

I should say the year started great...After a long time (read it as many years)... Krishnan & me had time for ourselves.. as Ajay had been to my mom's place for the christmas vacation... again after a long time, we decided to leave behind house parties and ventured out into an actual New Year bash......Though I felt a little out of place for sometime initially, I quickly made friends with a gang of gals... and what a time we had... cheering, wishing, singing along, and above all dancing away late into the night...when we finally exited from the party at about 1.30 in the night, I had a good feeling in my heart that its going to be one Kicking new year...oh yeah, I actually managed to turn around and literally kick one guy who was trying to act smart with us.... :)
The next day - 1st Jan 09, we drove down to chennai to be with Ajju, mom, sisters & their families... and the next 3 days were like a whirlwind tour ... complete with visits to relatives, beaches, parks, temples, restaurants, shopping... ufff , but had great fun :)

The two weekends that have just passed in Jan 09, have been 2 milestones on the personal front. While Krishu celebrated his 40th Bday on 4th Jan, Ajju celebrated his 10th Bday on 11th Jan... :)... while I sit back and think, I can only think about how much these guys mean to me in my life...In their own special ways, they have made a such a positive difference !!! They have been there for me and helped me in every possible way to be myself !!! Thank you Krishu & Thank you Ajju...