Monday, July 8, 2013

Be done with it !

Letting go of every tiny little memory,
Sometimes sweet, sometimes not,
Letting go of every stupid feeling
That got etched into the heart
Letting go of every bit of pain
Hoping that the rains will wash it away
Letting go of all the nights filled with tears
Overflowing from eyes that cannot hold them at bay
Letting go of all the sudden smiles
That spilled over and sparkled like stars
Letting go of inward quest for happiness
While losing the battles and internal wars
Letting go of every weird dream
That gave hopes to things that were left untold
Letting go of the heart that’s on fire
As the binding chains recur adamantly to hold
Letting go of the eyes that seek you out
As from this life, you slowly drifted afar
Letting go of the never ending love for you
Guess the sands of time will heal the scar!