Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You Again !

Wait...You need to slow down at times
You are not easy to comprehend
There is no easy way out
You never knew if to go ahead or put an end

You have nothing in you
Except for a frayed up emotional gulf
Life has been drained and squeezed out
Stop hoping for magic when you dont exist yourself

More often when you cared
You were mocked for your ridiculous deeds
But you had no choice but to try
As you went about filling their needs

The smiles and tears are often flowing
You may reach out for the love you crave
Yet the feelings within are always masked
And yes ! You dont have it in you to deserve

Monday, November 12, 2012

Few more thoughts...

Dear Heart...this one's for you...

Way back in  October 2008 I had written a blog post on similar lines .... This one probably begins where the last one ended.... that every relationship comes with an expiry date...


Yet the greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in. The ones where you continue to be involved even when the significant other slowly starts to walk the other way. The ones where you tend to lose yourself in the process, yet you find yourself as an individual. The ones where it just makes you wonder how life tends to change people over the days/ months/ years.

The extreme emotions, the entangling feelings that suffocate you at times, the highs and lows , the excitement of belonging to someone but yet in the same breath the echoing silence of loneliness....The relationships that can bring you back to life in a minute, but kill you in the very next.

The relationships these days are so dynamic that the equations change dramatically that too pretty fast. People tend to be on so many different tangents that it becomes difficult for them to slow down or wait for you or care to be there for you. So for someone who is probably hanging on to something which is long gone, or was never there in the first place, it is not going to be an easy preposition to survive in such taxing scenarios.

The signs will keep coming, sometimes you smile, sometimes you cry but all the while, the dreams, hopes and wishes of someday will gradually start to die from deep within.

What ultimately makes sense is belief in you and you alone. You got to keep telling yourself that you are much stronger than this. You got to look ahead and keep moving even if it means all alone.