Saturday, November 5, 2016

When the love was gone!

Hold my hand lady.. because you are lost
This is not the path you should be treading
And its gone all dark and eerie
Let me help you go back in time

The arms that held you are long gone
As they had to keep the warmth elsewhere
Oh! do not stand there and shiver in the cold
Your heart once frozen, will die a silent death

I can see the darkness in your eyes
Must be the despair of looking for someone
Bring back the sparkle to light our trail
As we have to go back a long way

Let go of your silence and screech a bit
At least it would scare away the demons
The beasts are following us close behind
They wait to gobble you the moment you fall

Do not wait for someone who left you
They have moved on and gone much ahead
beyond the time and space where your words can reach
Let's dig a quick hole to bury your burden of love

Once you are safe, let's send a prayer up
Its not for us to judge if the journey was worth it
But remember that you had the strength to walk back again
When the love was gone and you stood there alone

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