Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ladies ...Celebrate Yourselves !

They learnt to walk alone 
When paths split and people moved on
They learnt to lift themselves 
When everything around pushed them down 
They learnt to push themselves harder
Every time someone made fun of them
They learnt to scale the heights
When they realised they had it in them
They learnt to drive & fly
So that they can explore their world
They learnt to sing and succeed 
And without care danced in the rain
They learnt to hide their scars
When they saw how beautiful they are

They learnt to let go and leave
When they felt people were differently wired
They learnt to detach their emotions 
As they gradually steeled their hearts
They learnt to stop the tears
The day they realised it wasn't worth it
They learnt to love themselves
Only when their hearts were broken!


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Anonymous said...

Awesome lines. Very well written.